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Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

Phenacetin is used to treat fever headache, neuralgia, etc. It was one of the first painkillers that was not derived from opium while at the same time being absent of anti-inflammatory qualities.

Specifications of Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

AppearanceShould comply with standardConforms
Melting point134℃ ~136.5℃134℃ ~136℃
Sulphated ash≤0.1%0.10%

Parameters of Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

Product parameters
Cas number:62-44-2
Appearance:White powder
Purity:99% min
Package details:1kg/bag;25kg/drum or as you require

Packing of Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

Packing of Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

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Unique Advantages For Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

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