Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7 for sale
Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7 for sale
Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7 for sale

Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7 Wholesale & Bulk

Bromelain is a pure natural plant protease extracted from the fruits, leaves and stems of pineapple. At present, it has been widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Bromelain inhibits the growth of tumor cells. It can inhibit stroke caused by platelet aggregation, relieve angina symptoms, slow arterial constriction, and accelerate the breakdown of fibrinogen. Bromelain selectively removes the skin, allowing new skin transplantation to be performed as early as possible. Bromelain is effective in removing inflammation and edema in a variety of tissues (including thrombophlebitis, skeletal muscle injury, hematoma, stomatitis, diabetic ulcers, and sports injuries), and bromelain has the potential to activate the inflammatory response. Bromelain also relieves diarrhea.

Specifications of Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7





1000000 GDU/g



Light yellow powder




Yeasts & Moulds

We can also provide Bromelain with activity 1200000 GDU/g ,welcome to inquiry us to get the complete COA !

Parameters of Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7

Product parameters
Cas number:9001-00-7
Appearance:Light Yellow Powder
Purity:Activity:1000000 GDU/g
Package details:1kg/bag with foil bag;25kg/drum

Advantages of Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7 Wholesale

Guaranteed the purity
High quality & competitive price
Quality control
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Advantages of Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7

Packing of Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7 Bulk

Packing of Bromelain CAS 9001-00-7

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