Xanthine CAS 69-89-6 for sale
Xanthine CAS 69-89-6 for sale
Xanthine CAS 69-89-6 for sale

Xanthine CAS 69-89-6 Wholesale & Bulk

Xanthine is often used as a mild bronchodilator, especially in the treatment of asthma symptoms.

The main pharmacological effect of xanthine is to inhibit the activity of phosphodiesterase in tissues, prevent phosphodiesterase decomposition and metabolism, thereby increasing the concentration of adenosine monophosphate in cells. Xanthine is also an adenosine receptor antagonist. Xanthine is mainly used in biochemical research and organic synthesis, are intermediates of the drug cocoanine, and can also be used to prepare other xanthine analogues. Xanthine also has other benefits, including excitability of muscles, heart and central nervous systems, and hydrodiuresis.

Specifications of Xanthine CAS 69-89-6

AppearanceAlmost white to slightly yellowish powderConform
Heavy Metal≤10ppmConform
Sulphate ash≤0.2%0.05%
Loss on drying≤1.0%0.1%

Parameters of Xanthine CAS 69-89-6

Product parameters
Cas number:69-89-6
Appearance:Almost white to slightly yellowish powder
Purity:99% min
Package details:25kg/drum

Package of Xanthine CAS 69-89-6 Wholesale

Package of Xanthine CAS 69-89-6

Application of Xanthine CAS 69-89-6 Bulk

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Application of Xanthine CAS 69-89-6

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