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Vitamins are the generic term for a range of organic compounds. They are micronutrients needed by organisms, which are generally not produced by organisms themselves and need to be obtained through diet and other means. Vitamins don't produce energy and make up cells like sugars, proteins, and fats, but they regulate the metabolism of organisms. As one of professional vitamin raw material suppliers in China, Fortunachem provides high quality vitamins API raw materials for you to select.

Types Of Vitamins API Raw Materials

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Features Of Vitamins API

1. Most vitamins cannot be synthesized by the body and need to be consumed through the outside environment.

2. Vitamins are very small in the body's metabolism process, and their content in the body is very small.

3. Vitamins participate in the metabolic process of the human body and have a unique physiological effect in the course of human life activities.

Features Of Vitamins API

How Vitamins API Works?

Vitamins are a kind of organic substances necessary to maintain human life activities, but also to maintain human health of important active substances, it has an important role in the body's metabolism, growth, development and health. The human body is like an extremely complex chemical plant, its reaction is closely related to the catalytic action of enzymes, must have coenzyme participation. Many vitamins are coenzymes of enzymes or molecules of coenzyme. Vitamins are rarely present in the body, but are essential.

How Vitamins API Works?
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