(+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8 for sale
(+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8 for sale
(+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8 for sale

(+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8 Wholesale & Bulk

(+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) is a plant hormone that is involved in many plant development processes, regulates ion balance and metabolism, and inhibits plant germination and seedling growth.

(+)-Abscisic acid can stimulate the production of ethylene, urge fruit ripening, and it inhibits the synthesis of DNA and proteins. The physiological functions of (+)-abscisic acid are as follows: 1. Inhibit and promote growth. When the concentration of (+)-abscisic acid is large, it inhibits the growth of stems, hypocotyls, roots, germ sheaths, or leaves. When the concentration is low, it promotes rooting and hypocotyl elongation of cotyledons in vivo, accelerates the reproduction of duckweed, and stimulates the development of parthenogenesis seeds. 2. Maintain bud and seed dormancy. Dormancy is related to the balance of gibberellin and (+)-abscisic acid in the body. 3. Promote the shedding of fruits and leaves. 4. Promote stomatal closure. (+)-abscisic acid can close the stomata quickly, and it is non-toxic to plants and is a good anti-transpiration agent. 5. Affects flowering. Under long-day conditions, (+)-abscisic acid allows strawberry and blackberry apical buds to hibernate and promote flowering. 6. Influence differentiation.

Specifications of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

AppearanceWhite or off white powderConform
Water0.2% - 1.0%0.3%
Any impurity≤0.5%0.4%
Total imputities≤2.0%0.5%
AssayAbscisic Acid (C15H20O4) ≥ 980ug/mg994 ug/mg
(The ratio of  Abscisic Acid should be ≥98% )98.75%

Parameters of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

Product parameters
Cas number:21293-29-8
Appearance:White or off white powder
Package details:100g/bag

Package of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8 Wholesale

Package of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

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