The Product provided by seller are general chemical products and are strictly prohibited for use in any manner prohibited by the laws and regulations of the country. The buyer, in the destination country or region, must comply with the local laws and regulations of the destination country. Otherwise, the buyer assumes all responsibility and risk, and the seller shall not be held liable for any responsibility.
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API
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API refers to the dose of the drug, in other words, is to make the key chemical drug works. Only processing becomes drug dosage, the API can become available for clinical application of medicine, so the drugs we usually eat are the finished product after processing.


It mainly contains the structure and function of various cellular components, such as biological buffers, peptides, enzymes, carbohydrates, nucleosides, purines, and other biological macromolecules.

Agrochemicals & Intermediates

Any chemical used in agriculture. Such as acaricide, pesticides, germicides, plant growth regulators and their intermediate etc. Application of agrochemicals helped to manage plant nutrition, plant diseases, and crop yield.

Cosmetic ingredients
Fine Chemicals

Fine chemicals are used in all aspects of daily life, such as medicine, dyes, pesticides, coatings, daily chemicals, electronic materials, paper chemicals, inks, food additives, feed additives, water treatment, etc.


Fortunachem Technologies & Specialities

As one of the professional chemical wholesale suppliers, we have a multi-functional laboratory for customized production high quality products; also have advanced liquid, gas chromatograph, moisture analyzer and other testing instruments, to provide customers with professional technology.

Custom Products

Chemical products such as pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide preparations, chemical reagents, etc.

Technical Paperwork


Custom Made

Custom packaging and logo for our customers.

About Fortunachem Organic Chemicals
About Fortunachem

Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co., Ltd established in 2006, is a big integrative chemical enterprise being engaged in Pharmaceutical & its intermediates, Food/Feed additives, Fine chemicals in distributing the products of our own company and affiliated enterprises, are the members of Hubei E-commerce Chamber.

As an established chemical manufacturing company, we have professional persons who major in chemical R&D and scientific management, supply fine chemical products with high quality and close service, also supply custom-tailored products according to our client's requirement.

As one of the professional chemical wholesale suppliers, we have a positive and self-motivated management work team with a common philosophy, caring, and commitment through teamwork, our team strives to achieve success in delighting our clients and ourselves.

Since Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co., Ltd was founded, we have continuously innovated our products and improved our service, sales network. Hence, we initiate the first sale mode on the net in China, which is the retail trade of small package bring along wholesale of diversified management modes. Our products are exported widely to South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Europe, and South America, highly recommended by our clients.

We insist on the management creed "Market is our compass, Quality is our life, Credit is our soul". Clients' trust is our forward powder, their satisfaction is our struggling goal.

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Chemical Quality Certification

We have achieved the following certificates and systems, prove our service and quality. So we can according to the different needs of customers, provide products that meet the corresponding requirement certificate.

Chemical Certificates
Chemicals Certificates
Chemistry Certificates
Organic Chemical Certificates
Fine Chemical Certificates
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