Antineoplastics API Raw Materials

Antineoplastics drugs are drugs that inhibit or kill tumor cells in the body. It plays an important role in the comprehensive treatment of tumors, especially for the treatment of leukemia and spread tumors that cannot be surgically treated.

Types Of Antineoplastics API Raw Materials

Chemical Name CAS MF

Features Of Antineoplastics API

Anti-tumor drugs are currently used, mostly by inhibiting DNA or RNA synthesis, or even destroying DNA structure. According to the effect on tumor cells in each stage, there are two categories of cell cycle-specific drugs and cell cycle non-specific drugs. Although the effects of the two drugs are not the same, but the bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells and other cells with short growth cycle have the same degree of lethal effect, and can inhibit the body's immune response.

Features Of Antineoplastics API

Regulations Of Antineoplastics API

1. Must be carried out in the area/environment with dust control measures, dust control measures include but are not limited to: negative pressure weighing cover, exhaust gas absorption system, isolation operator, of which the most preferably isolating operator.

2. As far as possible to reduce the exposure of materials / products, should be sealed for material / product addition, transfer, including but not limited to: double valve barrels, laminated trolleys and so on.

3. For the presence of material exposure may be areas, dust occupational exposure limit monitoring, monitoring must be carried out by third parties.

4. Anti-tumor drugs cross-contamination daily monitoring, monitoring points based on human flow, logistics channels, exhaust lines and other assessment, can be used on the door, window, exhaust pipe surface wipe sampling to detect drug residue to confirm whether there is diffusion.

Of course, regular work clothes, hard hats, and fully protective gas masks are all to be configured.

Regulations Of Antineoplastics API
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