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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

All drugs are made up of two core components—the API, which is the central ingredient, and the excipient, the substances other than the drug that help deliver the medication to your system.

API, also called Active Pharmaceutical ingredient, are prepared by chemical synthesis, plant extract or preparation of biotechnology. But the patient is unable to take the substance directly, generally after adding accessories, processing, to make direct-use drugs.

The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the part of any drug that produces the intended effects. Some drugs, such as combination therapies, have multiple active ingredients to treat different symptoms or act in different ways.

Types Of API

API Health And Safety

Keep container tightly closed. Store in a cool and dark place. Store away from incompatible materials such as oxidizing agents.

API Health And Safety
Case Of API

Case Of API

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How Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Are Made?

How Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Are Made?

The development and production of API include reaction, crystallization, separation purification, cake washing, solvent exchange, solvent exchange, and other processing steps.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing Process

The Manufacturing Process Of Api
The manufacturing process of API is complicated.

The production process of API involves complex biochemical reaction processes.

The Production Process Of Api
The production process of API is the operating environment.

In the production process, measures and areas to prevent pollution and cross-contamination are needed.

The Quality Requirements Of Api
The quality requirements of API are high.

Quality is an important index related to the production of API. If the quality of API is not guaranteed.

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