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Thyroid Powder CAS 50809-32-0

Thyroid powder is used to treat thyroid decline, cretinism, myxoma, thyroid tumor and obesity.

Specifications of Thyroid Powder CAS 50809-32-0

Appearance and senseYellowish or light brown powder with characteristic odorConform
IdentificationIdentification AConform
Inorganic iodine≤0.01%<0.01%
Loss on drying0.0-6.0%3.5%
C15H11I4NO4.T4  AssayBetween 34.2-41.8mcg/grain38.2mcg/grain

Parameters of Thyroid Powder CAS 50809-32-0

Product parameters
Cas number:50809-32-0
Appearance:Yellowish or light brown powder
Purity:C15H11I4NO4.T4(Between 34.2-41.8mcg/grain);C15H12I3NO4.T3 (Between 8.1-9.9mcg/grain)
Package details:25kg/Drum

Our Packages of Thyroid Powder CAS 50809-32-0

Our  Packages of Thyroid Powder CAS 50809-32-0

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