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Carbomer 934 CAS 9007-16-3

Carbomer 934 is a high molecular weight polymer compound used commonly in cosmetic and pharmaceutical. These compounds can absorb large amounts of water, increasing in volume up to 1,000 times to form gels and thick solutions that are stable and resistant to spoilage.

Specifications of Carbomer 934 CAS 9007-16-3

Test  ItemStandardTest Result

Adding thymol blue TS, an orange color is produced; Adding cresol red TS, a yellow color is produced; neutralizing, a very viscous gel is produced            

Aqueous Viscosity(0.5%w/v,mpa.s)

Loss on drying≤2.0%1.2%

Parameters of Carbomer 934 CAS 9007-16-3

Product parameters
Cas number:9007-16-3
Appearance:White powder
Package details:25kg/drum; 20kg/carton

Package of Carbomer 934 CAS 9007-16-3

Package of Carbomer 934 CAS 9007-16-3

Application of Carbomer 934 CAS 9007-16-3

stable at high viscosity in medicine, or used for thick gel, emulsion, suspension, also can be used for cosmetic thickening agent

Application of Carbomer 934 CAS 9007-16-3

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