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Trabectedin CAS 114899-77-3

Trabectedin is used in the treatment of inoperable or specific advanced soft tissue sarcomas.

Specifications of Trabectedin CAS 114899-77-3

AppearanceWhite or off-white powderConforms

Parameters of Trabectedin CAS 114899-77-3

Product parameters
Cas number:114899-77-3
Appearance:White or off-white powder
Package details:1g/vial; 10g/PE bottle

Package of our Trabectedin CAS 114899-77-3

Package of our Trabectedin CAS 114899-77-3

Application of Trabectedin CAS 114899-77-3

A tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloid with antitumor activity isolated from the Caribbean tunicate, Ecteinascidin turbinata.

Application of Trabectedin CAS 114899-77-3

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